Retirement Planning

Retirement is an important time in everyone’s life, and many people worry about whether they will have sufficient income in retirement to live a decent lifestyle.  For many people, their working lives will be almost as long as their retirement lives so it is very important that you plan for this major phase in your life. But there are a lot of things to consider.

Manifest Financial Wealth can help you to navigate  Australia’s complex superannuation, taxation and social security systems, so as to maximise your income in retirement and achieve your desire lifestyle.

The main options for providing an income stream from your accumulated savings are Pensions and Annuities, but increasingly other structures such as insurance bonds are being used. However, the most common investment vehicle for funding a retirement income stream is an Account Based Pension, due to its flexibility in investment strategies and access to capital.

Many people don`t think about what their retirement will look like until they are close to leaving the workforce, cannot work due to illness or accident or they receive a redundancy.  With the Federal government’s recent changes to the superannuation system and the eligibility requirements for the Age Pension it is vitally important that advice is sought much earlier in life.

Our goal, at Manifest Financial Wealth, is to diligently listen to your financial concerns, help you formulate financial goals regarding your retirement, and come up with appropriate strategies that will meet your needs now and into the future.