Cash-flow planning and Budgeting

Being able to understand what level of income and expenses are going in and out of your savings accounts is a critical first step in achieving any financial goal.  Before you embark on a saving/investment program you need to know whether you have a cash-flow surplus, ie are your expenses are less than your income .  If you don’t have a cash-flow surplus then the process of understanding your cash-flow should allow you to identify areas where you could cut back on.

With an understanding of your cash-flow position and identification of savings goals, the establishment of a household budget, will allow you to target areas of expenditure for savings.

If you have difficulty saving or sticking to a budget, Manifest Financial Wealth, can assist by providing online tools that allow you to keep track of, and summarise your spending habits.  Manifest Financial Wealth, will assist you to set a budget and put in place an automated cash-flow management system to ensure that you stick to your budget. Regular reviewing on your savings goals will serve to further reinforce optimal savings habits.